Egress Windows

What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are large enough, as defined by local business codes for entry or exit in case of an emergency. Egress windows are typically required when finishing a basement and are usually built with an Egress Well with attached ladder or steps for easy escape.

Window well escape systems may be a safety requirement, but you don’t have to sacrifice your basement’s beauty to comply with the code! Dunlap Construction offers a complete system that turns your basement into a bright, comfortable living room or bedroom at the same time ensuring the safety of those inside.

Do I need Egress Windows?

According to 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) requirements, egress windows and wells are required if…

  • If you add a bedroom in a basement, an egress window must be installed in that bedroom.
  • If you create a habitable space in your basement and you currently do not have an egress window, one must be included with the installation of the habitable room.

What are some other benefits of Egress Windows?


Fire can spread quickly through a home, giving those inside as little as two minutes to escape safely. In the event of a fire or emergency, you want your family members to have the ability to escape out of the basement quickly through an egress windows.


You can count on a closed well cover to be sturdy enough to support up to 500 pounds while eliminating the risk of anyone falling in the well. The cover is also light enough for a child to escape easily.


Today’s egress window wells are made from polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This durable material gives them superior weathering capabilities and no maintenance once they have been installed.